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Hickory Outlook Blueprints

Hickory Outlook Blueprints

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Why we designed and built this tiny house... We love the idea of building smaller but still living large. This 1 bedroom 1 bath studio opens up to feel so spacious and brings the views right in.  We decided to create a tiny house (under 500 interior square feet) without all the typical tiny house sacrifices - at the end of the day giving up a full kitchen, walk-in shower or washer/dryer was not an option or even a thought.

Construction Documents Consists of 13 Pages

  1. Cover Page, Home Owner Information
  2. Terrain Plan
  3. Foundation Plan
  4. First Floor Plan
  5. Elevation Plan
  6. Roof Framing / Truss
  7. Framing Plan
  8. Doors, Cabinets & Windows Breakdown
  9. Electrical Plan
  10. HVAC (water  flow) Plan
  11. HVAC (floor heating) Plan
  12. Interior Elevation Plan
  13. Bath and Kitchen Elevation Plan

Also Included Free of Charge
(All listed are digital downloads)

  1. Dimensioned Interior Layout Drawing
  2. Dimensioned Exterior Layout Drawing
  3. Porch Post Position Map
  4. Dimensioned Wall Layouts
  5. Kitchen Island Countertop Dimensioned Drawing
  6. A Reference Photo Album 

As Seen On A&E, "Living Smaller", Business Insider, The Design Network "Tiny BNB" and Coldwell Banker.

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Our design took advantage of all the room we had while still making it high end, luxurious and spacious all at the same time! We use this as a short term rental here at the Foothills of The Adirondacks but this would also make a great, personal getaway.

Our comprehensive construction blueprints (13 pages) offer a hassle-free solution for recreating this remarkable build. No need to endure the challenges of custom designing or hiring professionals when you can simply click and obtain these construction documents.

Despite its compact size, this architecturally designed tiny house maximizes square footage, providing a spacious and airy feel both inside (under 500 square feet) and outside (over 600 square feet). Experience the difference of innovative design and smart layout, where this tiny house defies the notion of feeling cramped.

These are construction documents/blueprints not DIY guides.

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Post-Purchase Support Guarantee

  • If there is something the construction documents don’t make clear, we will answer it or make it right (including and up to refunding your purchase).
  • Additionally, our team is available to assist you with any questions you may have after your purchase (relating to the documents and construction process).
  • Hocking Hills, Ohio

    Ashton acquired our Hickory Outlook blueprints and transformed a mesmerizing property in Hocking Hills, Ohio in just 6 months. The result is awe-inspiring—a picturesque masterpiece perfectly integrated into the natural beauty of Hocking Hills. We are honored to have contributed to this architectural marvel and thrilled to see our blueprints come to life in such a breathtaking location.

  • Mosier, Oregon

    Dennis embarked on a journey with our Hickory Outlook blueprints and is almost done! A true craftsman and visionary, he is creating his dream getaway on a serene property that boasts incredible views of Mount Washington. Dennis is meticulously bringing our design to life, resulting in a breathtaking residence that seamlessly blends with the stunning landscape. We take immense pride in being a part of his remarkable journey.

  • Elgin, South Carolina

    Goat Daddy's Farm and Animal Sanctuary owner Josh, acquired our Hickory Outlook blueprints and is currently bringing it to life! As a sanctuary dedicated to animal welfare and sustainable living, Goat Daddy's Farm provides the perfect backdrop for our design. We're honored to be part of Josh's endeavor in creating an enchanting space where guests can reconnect with nature and experience the essence of South Carolina's countryside.

Where in the World Our Blueprints have gone to...

Our blueprints have become a global sensation, shipping to customers around the world. While we have a strong customer base in the USA and Canada, our designs have captured the attention of homeowners and builders from various corners of the globe. Whether it's a cozy cabin in the woods or a contemporary dwelling, our versatile designs are sought after by those who seek both functionality and style. We take pride in our ability to bring architectural inspiration to customers near and far, catering to their unique visions and aspirations for their dream homes.

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